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About BNI

“A boat is safe in the harbour - but that’s not what boats are for”
Paul Coelho

This quote tells you the essence of BNI - about breaking out of traditional ‘comfortable’ ways of growing your business.  BNI London South East will give you the chance to discover meaningful new business opportunities every week.  You’ll meet up with a network of like-minded business people from a host of different professions, trades and industries.  What will you all have in common?  You’ll all want to -

  • build your businesses
  • help each other build your businesses

You’ll meet up every week to find out about each other’s businesses, so you can actively pursue new business referrals for each other.

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Typical Trades and Professions That You’ll Find at BNI 

How does BNI actually work?

The answer is easy - Givers Gain®.  Your fellow members will help find you business simply because you’ll be doing just the same for them.  We call the process Referral Marketing.  We know it works - for two reasons

  1. The value of business we refer grows year-on-year
  2. We now have several imitators - but none of them come near to matching BNI’s success, because they don’t give you the structure of the training that BNI offers.
How serious are you about wanting to grow your business?  If you’re relaxed about treading water, that’s fine.  BNI won’t be for you.  But - if you’re hungry for new opportunities, then BNI is a ‘must’.  You’ll find our London South East networking events are an absolute ‘godsend’.

Tell me more about the benefits of BNI membership

The biggest benefit of joining BNI is business growth.  Within just a few weeks, as you get your feet under the table, you’ll see new business referrals start to trickle in.  As you learn more about the principles of BNI, the trickle will soon become a flood.  You’ll start to wonder why you didn’t join before!

But there’s more to BNI than just giving and receiving business referrals.  BNI will give you thorough training in the ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ of networking.  You’ll learn how to -

  • interact meaningfully with your fellow members
  • improve your communication skills to increase the quality of the referrals you receive
  • use BNI’s Referral Marketing System to improve the quantity and quality of your referrals

How can I be sure that BNI membership is for me?

Here are a few questions –

  1. Do you want more clients?
  2. Do you want bigger clients?
  3. Do you want better quality clients?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then BNI will definitely be for you. Your fellow members will be your ‘sales team’. The more they learn about you and your business, the more they’ll be ‘out there’ looking for new business - on your behalf.

As each week goes by, you’ll find BNI helps you to think on your feet. Your confidence will grow. Your speaking skills will improve and before long, you’ll find yourself expertly articulating the benefits of your business.

Over time, you’ll grow an invaluable contacts network. These contacts will be working every week to bring you quality referrals. You’ll gain unbeatable advice and guidance from people who’ve ‘been there’. As they are looking out for your business interests, you’ll find yourself doing the exactly the same for them. In no time at all, you’ll have learned the true value of the guiding principle of BNI - Givers Gain®.

I want to know more

Well, the next step is easy - why not pay a visit to a BNI group near you?

You’ll find us at 18 locations in London South East every week – covering an area bounded by Bermondsey, Erith and Croydon.

Come and find out more. We’d love to meet you!

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