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Networking-in-SuttonWe would love to hear from anyone who wants to grow their business in Sutton. Here at BNI, we enable businessowners to collaborate and grow. Whether you own a small business based amongst the streets off Brighton Road or are a tradesman operating in West Sutton, we can help. When you join BNI, you will be grouped with other local businesspeople who will give you referrals that will transform the way in which you gain business. Referrals are vital for anyone who wants to experience growth for their company. A remarkable 98% of businesses say that referred business is responsible for the majority of their cashflow, yet a mere 3% have put a strategy in place to generate it. BNI is a proven, effective strategy. Your fellow members’ referrals will provide you with prospective clients who have an interest in your services and are waiting for you to contact them. We consider this a far more rewarding way of doing business than cold calling, both emotionally and practically, and it is entirely made possible by our chapter system. BNI is your golden ticket when it comes to word-of-mouth referrals and is key to your business’s growth.

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What is BNI?


Networking-in-SuttonBNI, an international business networking group, brings together businessowners to help and support one another. Even though our reach is global, we focus on making a difference locally. We create chapters by area, meaning local businesspeople can come together to generate referrals and circulate revenue in their communities. Your business will be the only one of its kind in any BNI chapter, so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about any direct competitors being in the room. We strive to cultivate a mutually beneficial environment in each of our chapters, making sure that our members can exchange help, offer advice, and pass referrals between each other.






Interested in finding out more?

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How will BNI help my Sutton business?


  • Gain new customers


From the initial contact until an agreement is reached, picking up a new client can take an entire working day. That’s around eight hours dedicated to sourcing new work. BNI gives you a better method of finding customers, getting you referrals from other businessowners who you have built a reliable relationship with.


  • Learn about your clientele


Whilst larger networking events expose your business to potential clients, you are also in the same room as your competition. With us, you can network and gain clients without the distraction of having to compete with anyone else.


  • Versatile approach


Here at BNI, we are always on the lookout for ways in which we can adapt, change, and grow. Our chapters traditionally met early in the morning. We realised that this was excluding a significant number of businessowners, whose schedules were restricted by parenting or assigning jobs for their employees in the morning. That’s why we opened ‘brunch slots’, enabling those businesspeople to get involved in our process. We have also started 52 online groups in the UK, which have now been running for more than a year.


  • Evidence of results


The results of BNI tell the whole story. Our members generated over £15 billion due to referrals last year, evidence of the effectiveness of our process. It puts the ball in our members’ court and allows them to generate massive amounts of revenue. We can provide you with important contacts in Sutton, growing your business in a sustainable fashion.


Find a BNI chapter for your business


BNI run chapters across the UK, with various meeting times and online chapters available. We know that we’ve got an ideal fit for you and your company, letting you meet your networking needs in Sutton.



Networking-in-SuttonMeet other business owners from Sutton


To find a BNI chapter accessible from Sutton, don’t hesitate to contact us. Once you attend a meeting, you can begin getting to know people straight away. You’ll be surrounded by other businessowners who also want to grow their client base via referrals. As part of a BNI chapter you will not only be connected with likeminded people, but you will also have a group to turn to throughout the ups and downs of business ownership. You’ll have links to potential business partners, suppliers, distributors, marketers, and, of course, friends for life. There is a diverse range of fields represented in any BNI chapter. This means that you’ll have an extensive network of contacts to enhance both your personal and professional life.


How a networking group in Sutton can help grow your business faster


BNI will provide you with a networking group that refers you to real, organic leads for your business in Sutton. Developing a meaningful relationship with your fellow chapter members means you can keep a consistent stream of work through referrals, never leaving you strapped for cash or overwhelmed by too many enquiries. This allows you to grow your income, and company, at a sustainable rate. Plus, BNI gives you a chance to pass on referrals, which helps you build a stronger relationship with the people you refer as well as the members’ you refer them to. Across the country, and around the world, this business model has been highly successful – BNI members see their business increase 20% in their first year on average. Your business can achieve consistent, sustainable growth thanks to the organic leads that referrals provide.


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Our core values


All our chapters adhere to a simple set of values that guide everything we do. These values define how we impact the way the world does business. Prospective members can use this list to orientate themselves with our process prior to embarking on their journey with BNI.


  • Giver’s gain
  • Traditions + innovation
  • Building relationships
  • Lifelong learning
  • Accountability
  • Positive attitude
  • Recognition


Want to grow your Sutton business?


If you want to find out more about what we do at BNI, we strongly recommend visiting one of our chapters. Our members are friendly and welcoming and would love to start helping you grow your business. Over the last 12 months, BNI members generated more than £482 million worth of business for each other. This was completely made possible by the connections in our chapters. To see just what BNI can do for your business, get in touch today.


Don’t just take our word for it…


Many of our members have been happy to share their BNI experience and explained how our process has managed to help their businesses.



Let’s have a chat. Contact me on [email protected] or give me a call me on 07958 171 725.


Nathan Kelsey’s networking success story, a BNI member since 2014


“I started my company having come from a corporate sales background. On day 1, I set up in my dining room and started to dial out to the data that I had acquired. I spent an entire week cold calling but to no avail, I was making between 100 and 150 dials a day and was getting rejection after rejection in return.


To say that I was downbeat and frustrated (and worried) is an understatement. I had left a well-paid job and a successful career and now no-one would talk to me!


I went to my parents’ house on the Saturday and within 1 hour my sister and my parents’ neighbour had recommended BNI to me (I had never heard of business networking before, I didn’t even realise it was a ‘thing’). I went home and searched for my nearest BNI networking group and invited myself to the meeting on the Thursday morning. It was a ‘visitors day’ so the room was packed with 80 other local businesses and it blew me away. People were genuinely interested in my business and after I had stood up and done my 60 seconds presentation (which I was so nervous about) the builder sat next to me passed me his card and said that he would like me to build him a website!


I couldn’t believe it, I’d spent an entire week cold calling with not one person happy to talk to me and I went to this networking meeting with other likeminded local businesses and within 2 hours I had made my first ever sale. That was nearly 10 years ago now and I have not picked up a phone to do a cold call since. Now more than 70% of our revenue comes from BNI, which is a wonderful return for the annual cost. We have grown from just me in the business to 37 of us now, plus I have a wonderful group of BNI friends, amazing suppliers, a great support network, and experts in just about every subject you could wish for.


My friends now come to me asking ‘do you know someone...’ And, do you know what, I always do!


If you’re serious about growing your business, then look at networking – and especially BNI – I cannot think of a better way to do business.”


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