How networking in Dartford can benefit your business

Networking-in-DartfordIf you’re struggling to grow your Dartford business, then networking might just be the tool you need to unlock your potential. We welcome business owners from every industry into our chapters. So, whether you’re running your business out of the Orchards shopping centre, Crossways Business Park, or Dartford’s leafy suburban roads, we’re certain we’ll have a place for you. When you join your local chapter, you’ll be in a group of likeminded business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs all looking to sustainably grow their revenue and customer base. This is made possible through referred business. What’s more, your business will be unique within your chapter, so you won’t have to compete for attention or referrals. We find that collaboration is far more rewarding than competition, and that BNI provides a friendly and supportive environment for networking. Many of our members have even found that they don’t need any marketing other than their weekly BNI meetings – a testament to the power of local business networking.


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What is BNI?


Networking-in-DartfordBNI was founded on the principle of giver’s gain. That chapter members should share leads and recommend their fellow members to other people in their network in need of their services. This ensures that everyone benefits, and revenue stays in Dartford’s local economy rather than going to big chains or large contractors. Unlike larger networking events, you won’t have to worry about your competitors being in the same room and will be able to focus just on selling your services and making connections. We at BNI believe very strongly that fostering collaboration instead of competition is the better way of doing business. It builds connections between business owners and raises the reputation and experience of all of our members. 






Interested in finding out more?

Drop me an email with your details on [email protected] or call me on 07958 171 725.


How will BNI help my Dartford business?


  • Gain new customers


Acquiring a new client from scratch can take around 8 working hours, if they are receptive. We think your time can be better spent elsewhere. By joining BNI you’ll be opening yourself up to referrals from reputable business owners to put you in touch with customers already interested in your services.


  • Learn about your clientele


Regular meetings give you the chance to check in with fellow business owners and learn about what they’ve had success or struggles with over the last week. This will give you a valuable insight into your own potential customers in Dartford and help you learn how best to attract and retain local clients.


  • Versatile approach


We have a commitment to lifelong learning and with that comes the willingness to change our approach to suit our members. We’ve opened chapters with later meeting times to suit those on different schedules and have founded 52 online chapters in the UK which have been successfully meeting for a year now.


  • Evidence of results


Our amazing results speak for themselves. BNI members around the world generated an incredible £15 billion last year thanks to referrals. Our process empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to help them grow and generate revenue. We ensure that your business grows sustainably and provide you with an invaluable local network.


Networking-in-DartfordYour local BNI chapter in Dartford – Gateway


Your local Dartford chapter is BNI Gateway. They’re a dynamic group of local Dartford business owners always on the lookout for enthusiastic and reputable individuals to join them at their weekly meetings so check out if Gateway is right for you. By networking and passing referrals to one another, they have generated an incredible £645,682 in revenue in the past 12 months. This keeps local businesses thriving and ensure money stays in Dartford’s economy. You can get in touch today and be in a meeting within seven days to start building your network. You can attend a meeting free of charge and find out what makes BNI so popular.


Not sure if Gateway is right for you?


With hundreds across the country, we’re certain that you’ll find the perfect BNI chapter for you. You can start your BNI journey today.


Networking-in-DartfordMeet other business owners from Dartford


We have found that for many members simply attending a meeting is the only convincing they need to join. You can show up to a meeting of BNI Gateway at no cost and with no obligation and see if it’s right for you. Once settled into your chapter you’ll build a network of fellow business owners with whom you can seek advice from, advertise your services to, and celebrate your successes with. In addition to this, having such a broad variety of fields represented ensures that you will find partners to collaborate with and businesses whose services you can take advantage of. To get started with a chapter, get in touch today.


How a networking group in Dartford can help grow your business faster


Referrals from your fellow members is an excellent way to grow your business sustainably. 98% of businesses say that they rely on referrals for the majority of their cashflow, but only 3% have any strategy in place to generate them. With regular BNI meetings and a broad network of local contacts in your area you can be put in contact with customers already seeking your services, rather than trying to cold sell to a stranger. This process clearly works as UK members find that their business grows an average of 20% in their first year with BNI. This is the power of networking. By building positive and collaborative relationships between business owners you can grow and thrive.


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Our core values


Our core values clearly show to all of our members what we expect from each of our chapters. By living up to this standard we have found a better way of doing business. Our values encourage growth, collaboration, and adaptability.


  • Giver’s gain
  • Traditions + innovation
  • Building relationships
  • Lifelong learning
  • Accountability
  • Positive attitude
  • Recognition


Want to grow your Dartford business?


You can attend a meeting of BNI Gateway in Dartford or one of our chapters this week to find out if we’re right for you. Our members always provide a welcoming environment to get you started and will be happy to answer any questions you might have. BNI chapters in the UK generates over £482 million worth of business in referrals alone last year. This is a testament to the dedication and collaborative spirit of our members and the quality of the services they provide. Join BNI today to see how your business can benefit.


Don’t just take our word for it…


Several of our members have kindly shared their experience working with BNI. Take a look and see how professional networking could help your business.



Let’s have a chat. Contact me on [email protected] or give me a call me on 07958 171 725.


Nathan Kelsey’s networking success story, a BNI member since 2014


“I started my company having come from a corporate sales background. On day 1, I set up in my dining room and started to dial out to the data that I had acquired. I spent an entire week cold calling but to no avail, I was making between 100 and 150 dials a day and was getting rejection after rejection in return.


To say that I was downbeat and frustrated (and worried) is an understatement. I had left a well-paid job and a successful career and now no-one would talk to me!


I went to my parents’ house on the Saturday and within 1 hour my sister and my parents’ neighbour had recommended BNI to me (I had never heard of business networking before, I didn’t even realise it was a ‘thing’). I went home and searched for my nearest BNI networking group and invited myself to the meeting on the Thursday morning. It was a ‘visitors day’ so the room was packed with 80 other local businesses and it blew me away. People were genuinely interested in my business and after I had stood up and done my 60 seconds presentation (which I was so nervous about) the builder sat next to me passed me his card and said that he would like me to build him a website!


I couldn’t believe it, I’d spent an entire week cold calling with not one person happy to talk to me and I went to this networking meeting with other likeminded local businesses and within 2 hours I had made my first ever sale. That was nearly 10 years ago now and I have not picked up a phone to do a cold call since. Now more than 70% of our revenue comes from BNI, which is a wonderful return for the annual cost. We have grown from just me in the business to 37 of us now, plus I have a wonderful group of BNI friends, amazing suppliers, a great support network, and experts in just about every subject you could wish for.


My friends now come to me asking ‘do you know someone...’ And, do you know what, I always do!


If you’re serious about growing your business, then look at networking – and especially BNI – I cannot think of a better way to do business.”


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