How networking in Crystal Palace can benefit your business

Networking-in-Crystal-PalaceBusiness networking with BNI can make an enormous difference to your Crystal Palace business. We welcome businesses of every size and industry to join our local chapters and discover the power of networking. Our chapters offer a welcoming environment built on the principle of giver’s gain. Our members often refer business to one another from their own wider networks, ensuring that everyone is benefitting. Referrals are truly the golden ticket for business growth. 98% of companies rely on them for the majority of their cashflow, but only 3% have the means to generate them. So, whether you’re a tradesman, run your own business on Church Road, or sell your wares on Haynes Lane Market, come to a meeting and see for yourself the power of business networking at BNI. By promoting support and collaboration between our members we’ve created a welcoming and low-pressure environment in our chapters. We consider business networking as a better way of doing business than cold calling.


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What is BNI?


Networking-in-Crystal-PalaceBNI is the world’s leading referral networking organisation. Founded in 1984 as a means for four friends to connect their personal businesses with more clients, over the decades it has expanded rapidly to 76 countries and over 290,000 members. While a lot has changed over the years, our commitment to doing business has not. We group our members into local groups called chapters that meet weekly. At these meetings members present their services to one another and are encouraged to get to know each other’s businesses. We always ensure that our members’ businesses are completely unique, so you’ll never have to interact with any direct competition at a meeting. Your chapter represents a network of people ready to refer clients to you in their day-to-day lives. Referrals are an excellent way for you to grow your business in Crystal Palace.






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How will BNI help my Crystal Palace business?


  • Gain new customers


Reduce the time and money you spend acquiring new clients. Instead of cold calling or expensive ad campaigns, your fellow BNI members can refer your business and deliver you customers who are already interested in your services and waiting to hear from you. Your weekly meeting the is the perfect place to promote your services and gain new customers.


  • Learn about your clientele


By meeting with other local business owners, you’ll be able to share your expertise with your fellow chapter members and learn from others. By sharing experiences, our members learn about what customers in Crystal Palace are looking for, helping you tailor your approach and services to maximise your business’ effectiveness.


  • Versatile approach


Innovation and adaptability are key parts of how we operate at BNI. To ensure you get the most out of your membership, we regularly adjust our approach to accommodate different needs. This has included opening online chapters and introducing chapters with later meeting times for those with different schedules.


  • Evidence of results


With our help, BNI members have achieved some amazing results through the power of collaboration and referrals. Our chapters across the world generated £15 billion last year thanks to their commitment to our approach and one another. We know our process works and have the incredible results to back it up.


Networking-in-Crystal-PalaceYour local BNI chapter – BNI Kaleidoscope


Your closest chapter in Crystal Palace – hosted at Selhurst Park Stadium – is BNI Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope hosts businesses from a huge range of industries at their weekly meetings so you’ll be joining a broad and varied network made up of tradesmen, architects, graphic designers, IT experts, and accountants from all over Crystal Palace. This means when looking for referrals you’ll be casting a wider net, increasing the number of potential customers in your network. The diversity of industries means that when collaborating and looking for advice you’ll receive a range of different perspectives and viewpoints you might not otherwise have considered. You’ll receive invaluable information that will help you grow your business. Feel free to contact BNI Kaleidoscope to drop-in to one of their meetings. They’re always on the lookout for dynamic business owners and would be happy to have you.


Not sure if BNI Kaleidoscope is right for you?


We have dozens of chapters in London and the south-east. Have a look and find the perfect one for you.


Networking-in-Crystal-PalaceMeet other business owners in Crystal Palace


A major benefit of BNI is the diverse network you’ll gain. By connecting with a diverse group of business owners representing different industries, you’ll be able to discuss the challenges you’re facing and work with others to find a solution. In addition to finding solutions to problems, you’ll have a likeminded group with whom you can celebrate your successes. As they get to know you, they will be able to refer your business bringing you more clients from a trustworthy source. What’s more, you will also have a wealth of reputable businesses to hire for additional services in your own line of work, or to recommend to customers. Regular meetings with likeminded business owners help you build relationships. Our members get together to share tips, talk about challenges they’ve faced, and celebrate their achievements.


How a networking group in Crystal Palace can help grow your business faster


Professional networking is essential to helping your Crystal Palace business grow. With the referrals provided by your fellow BNI members you will be able to keep your workflow consistent, helping you expand your customer base sustainably. This approach has been enormously successful across the country – with BNI UK members seeing their business increase by 20% on average in their first year with us. These incredible results are all made possible by connections made in our chapters. Continuously building relationships with fellow business owners means that you will be opening yourself up to a vast network that extends across Crystal Palace and beyond. You’ll be able to expand the scope and reach of your business beyond what you thought was possible.


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Our core values


At BNI we operate on a set of core values, guiding principles that indicate to our members what we expect from them to get the most out of their membership. They form the foundation for a better way of doing business.


  • Giver’s gain
  • Traditions + innovation
  • Building relationships
  • Lifelong learning
  • Accountability
  • Positive attitude
  • Recognition


Want to grow your Crystal Palace business?


Referrals from a supportive and professional networking group are the perfect way to sustainably grow your Crystal Palace business. Your chapter meetings will put you in regular contact with a variety of business owners, keen to offer you referrals, advice, and assistance. Last year, UK BNI members generated an astonishing £482 million in business for the members in their chapters. This goes to show how valuable membership is to any business owner.


Don’t just take our word for it…


See for yourself some of the incredible success our members have enjoyed thanks to their time with BNI.



Let’s have a chat. Contact me on [email protected] or give me a call me on 07958 171 725.


Nathan Kelsey’s networking success story, a BNI member since 2014


“I started my company having come from a corporate sales background. On day 1, I set up in my dining room and started to dial out to the data that I had acquired. I spent an entire week cold calling but to no avail, I was making between 100 and 150 dials a day and was getting rejection after rejection in return.


To say that I was downbeat and frustrated (and worried) is an understatement. I had left a well-paid job and a successful career and now no-one would talk to me!


I went to my parents’ house on the Saturday and within 1 hour my sister and my parents’ neighbour had recommended BNI to me (I had never heard of business networking before, I didn’t even realise it was a ‘thing’). I went home and searched for my nearest BNI networking group and invited myself to the meeting on the Thursday morning. It was a ‘visitors day’ so the room was packed with 80 other local businesses and it blew me away. People were genuinely interested in my business and after I had stood up and done my 60 seconds presentation (which I was so nervous about) the builder sat next to me passed me his card and said that he would like me to build him a website!


I couldn’t believe it, I’d spent an entire week cold calling with not one person happy to talk to me and I went to this networking meeting with other likeminded local businesses and within 2 hours I had made my first ever sale. That was nearly 10 years ago now and I have not picked up a phone to do a cold call since. Now more than 70% of our revenue comes from BNI, which is a wonderful return for the annual cost. We have grown from just me in the business to 37 of us now, plus I have a wonderful group of BNI friends, amazing suppliers, a great support network, and experts in just about every subject you could wish for.


My friends now come to me asking ‘do you know someone...’ And, do you know what, I always do!


If you’re serious about growing your business, then look at networking – and especially BNI – I cannot think of a better way to do business.”


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