How networking in Caterham can benefit your business

Networking-in-CaterhamThe essential component to growing your Caterham business, BNI facilitates networking among business owners in Caterham to help you grow and prosper. Networking in Caterham brings you into contact with a huge variety of fellow business owners to help you make connections and share referrals to one another. This referred business is the backbone for effective growth. 98% of businesses say that they referred business makes up the majority of their income, but only 3% have the means to actively generate it. Such a significant source of cashflow should not be ignored. With BNI you’ll be placed in a chapter of other business owners who can share referrals and leads to put you in touch with potential customers who are seeking your services. Whether you’re working out of a home office on Harestone Valley Road or running your own company at Paddock Barn Farm, your business will be unique in your chapter. This means you can make connections and build relationships without having to worry about any competitors.


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What is BNI?


Networking-in-CaterhamBNI is the world’s leading business referral organisation. We have grown rapidly from four members in a California town to 10,800 chapters and 291,714 members in over 70 countries across the planet. This rapid expansion and success are thanks to our guiding principle of finding a better way of doing business. By grouping likeminded local business owners and facilitating healthy collaboration, business owners can help each other grow. This creates an environment of mutual benefit, the receiver of the referral gains a new client, the referrer builds their reputation as reliable and a good source for services in Caterham, and the revenue spent by the customer stays within local businesses. Networking with BNI is the perfect way for you to grow your Caterham business.






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How will BNI help my Caterham business?


  • Gain new customers


It can take as long as 8 hours to gain a new client. That’s an entire working day before any work is even done. BNI streamlines this process to ensure that you are receiving referrals from local customers who are already interested in your services. You will come highly recommended by your fellow chapter members, bringing you new business.


  • Learn about your clientele


Regularly meeting with other business owners means that you will be able to learn more about your potential clients in Caterham. By understand what people are looking for, how they are looking, and what they expect you can tailor your services to them, building your customer base and enhancing your reputation.


  • Versatile approach


We understand that it is important to change with the times. BNI has adjusted its approach in the last few years to accommodate to our members. This has included later meeting times and online chapters. By catering to the needs of our members we are ensuring that they are getting the most out of their BNI membership.


  • Evidence of results


Our chapters represent a better way of doing business and the results speak for themselves. Last year BNI members generated an incredible £15 billion thanks to the referrals made in their chapters. Our members are consistently amazed by how our straightforward process can facilitate such amazing growth.


Networking-in-CaterhamYour local BNI chapter – BNI Caterham


Your local BNI chapter is BNI Caterham. They are a varied and versatile group passionate about serving the local community and growing their businesses. Representing a huge variety of industries including retail, trades, computing, marketing, accounting, and health you will be in excellent company with a massive network of dynamic business owners to learn from. They’ve passed £538,011 of business to fellow members in the past 12 months, showing that their commitment and dedicated is paying off in a big way. Take a look and see if BNI Caterham is right for you and organise a meeting. They’re always on the lookout for likeminded local business owners and would be delighted to have you on board.


Not sure if BNI Caterham is right for you?


With chapters across the UK, we’re certain you’ll find the local network you’ve been looking for. Unlock your business’ potential with BNI.


Networking-in-CaterhamMeet other business owners in Caterham


You can show up to a meeting with no charge and no obligation this week just to see if it’s the right fit for you. When it comes to promoting BNI we find that simply attending for a week is the most valuable marketing possible. By joining your local chapter, you will be in a regularly meeting group of likeminded business owners. This will be a group with whom you can share you challenges with and formulate solutions, announce your successes, and promote your services to. Our chapters are a friendly and supportive environment where you can build your business and make beneficial connections. Our members are delighted with their results, and many find that they don’t need any marketing other than BNI once they get started with us.


How a networking group in Caterham can help grow your business faster


BNI is the ultimate business networking service. Your chapter can provide you with real referrals and leads to expand your business without you having to compete for them. Our chapters foster strong relationships between local businesses allowing you to potentially expand your scope and services. Our members in the UK experience a 20% growth on average in their first year with us. This is a fantastic result that is made possible by the collaborative relationships built in our chapters. It is our belief that business networking can be an enjoyable and low-pressure environment. You can share the excellent services you provide, enhancing your reputation in the area and getting on the radar for recommendations from other chapter members. With BNI you can experience sustainable growth in a collaborative and supportive environment.


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Our core values


At BNI we’ve developed our core values to capture the way we do business. These principles underpin all of our chapters and demonstrate how we expect our members to conduct themselves. They show a new, collaborative, and positive way of doing business.


  • Giver’s gain
  • Traditions + innovation
  • Building relationships
  • Lifelong learning
  • Accountability
  • Positive attitude
  • Recognition


Want to grow your Caterham business?


You can get started right away. BNI meetings are always open to visitors, simply get in touch with a chapter and let them know you’d like to attend. Our members in the UK generated over £482 million worth of business for each other, all made possible by our principles of giver’s gain and open collaboration. Our chapter members show impressive commitment and dedication to one another, enabling them to achieve incredible things.


Don’t just take our word for it…


Read some of the testimonies we’ve had from members who have been delighted with their experience with BNI.



Let’s have a chat. Contact me on [email protected] or give me a call me on 07958 171 725.


Nathan Kelsey’s networking success story, a BNI member since 2014


“I started my company having come from a corporate sales background. On day 1, I set up in my dining room and started to dial out to the data that I had acquired. I spent an entire week cold calling but to no avail, I was making between 100 and 150 dials a day and was getting rejection after rejection in return.


To say that I was downbeat and frustrated (and worried) is an understatement. I had left a well-paid job and a successful career and now no-one would talk to me!


I went to my parents’ house on the Saturday and within 1 hour my sister and my parents’ neighbour had recommended BNI to me (I had never heard of business networking before, I didn’t even realise it was a ‘thing’). I went home and searched for my nearest BNI networking group and invited myself to the meeting on the Thursday morning. It was a ‘visitors day’ so the room was packed with 80 other local businesses and it blew me away. People were genuinely interested in my business and after I had stood up and done my 60 seconds presentation (which I was so nervous about) the builder sat next to me passed me his card and said that he would like me to build him a website!


I couldn’t believe it, I’d spent an entire week cold calling with not one person happy to talk to me and I went to this networking meeting with other likeminded local businesses and within 2 hours I had made my first ever sale. That was nearly 10 years ago now and I have not picked up a phone to do a cold call since. Now more than 70% of our revenue comes from BNI, which is a wonderful return for the annual cost. We have grown from just me in the business to 37 of us now, plus I have a wonderful group of BNI friends, amazing suppliers, a great support network, and experts in just about every subject you could wish for.


My friends now come to me asking ‘do you know someone...’ And, do you know what, I always do!


If you’re serious about growing your business, then look at networking – and especially BNI – I cannot think of a better way to do business.”


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